About the Workshop

Registration Pricing Information

  1. Member: $1095
  2. Non-member: $1245
  3. You must be logged into your member account on the main nppa.org website to receive the discount.

What you will learn:

  1. Effectively planning and developing your story to save time on your workflow and increase the quality of your pieces.
  2. Professional audio recording techniques in the field from audio documentary experts.
  3. Hands-on explanations and experiences on how to use audio, video and photo gear — along with recommendations on gear.
  4. Training on how to shoot visuals for multimedia storytelling including techniques for documentaries and working as a one-man-band or mobile journalist.
  5. Hands-on video production editing training and experience on Adobe Premiere and ethics and legal issues
  6. How to navigate modern freelance, business and legal issues when working in multimedia.
  7. Inspiring information on how the most cutting edge multimedia projects were created from the industry leaders that worked on them.
  8. Emerging platforms and new tools for storytelling from mobile devices to drones.

Hands-on coaching

This year’s workshop dates are May 16 to 20 2023 in Syracuse, NY.

Unlike other multimedia training workshops, we provide the most personalized training experience with the lowest student-to-teacher ratio. Industry leaders and the best educators in the country will personally coach students.


For more information, read this article about the 2019 Workshop in NPPA News Photographer Magazine.



Participants will be provided with computers and software to use for the week from the S.I. Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University. Cameras from Canon and Sony will also be provided for use on site.

Participants are strongly encouraged to bring whatever audio and video equipment (including tripods) that you use on an everyday basis so learning can be done on gear that will be used back at home in the field. But if you cannot bring your own there will be some equipment onsite for you to use.

This year’s workshop dates are May 16 to 20 2023 in Syracuse, NY